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The Other L Word

I had been doing really well staying within the parameters of our relationship and not allowing my mind to wander too much and to want things which were not possible. I was really proud of myself for living in the moment and just enjoying what we do have and not wanting what can’t be. But …

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A special evening

I know there is no hope for a relationship. She is leaving in two weeks to return to her home in a different country, and the circumstances of her life prevent her from being in a relationship. I get it, I understand it, and I accept the realities of the situation. I’m not letting my …

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The heart wants what it wants…

The heart is an amazing thing. Medically speaking, it’s nothing short of miraculous. But it’s the other aspect of the heart which fascinates me; the part that loves. My heart has experienced a depth of love I could never have imagined but has also been battered and broken through the years. There have been times …

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