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The groundbreaking trans series Her Story


Her Story is a six episode series that debuted in September 2015 about the dating lives of two trans women in Los Angeles and stars transgender writer and actor Jen Richards, trans entrepreneur and actor Angelica Ross, and writer/actor Laura Zak. Richards and Zak also co-wrote the script.

What makes this series so groundbreaking is that it instead of using cisgender actors to portray trans characters it actually casts trans people for those roles. Moreover, 80% of the cast and crew are women, half of whom were either queer or trans, including Sydney Freeland who directed the series. The quality of the series is a testament to how important it is for trans people to be able to tell their story instead of having cisgender people attempt to tell it for us.

This show touched on so many of the issues trans people face in a way that was both realistic and respectful. There were so many situations and issues that I related to and moments which moved me deeply, such as the scene in episode 2 when Allie and Violet were discussing dating and sexual preference and Violet said “it’s not about them it’s about me.” When I was married I hated sex, it was more like a chore that I felt obligated to perform, and I honestly thought there must be something wrong with me or that maybe I was gay or even asexual. It wasn’t until I began dealing with my gender issues that I finally realized there wasn’t anything wrong with me; I simply was never comfortable having sex as a male. That was a huge revelation to me and I experienced such a sense of relief and felt hopeful that just maybe I could actually enjoy sex now that I was comfortable with myself.

Her Story

Speed of Joy Productions

So please take the time to watch this wonderful series and show your support for it, because the more support it gets the more likely it will be picked up by a network. This is a show that needs to be seen. You can follow the show on Facebook and also on Twitter at @HerStoryShow, and learn more about the show and the people who created it at their site You can leave a comment about the show on their website here, at the bottom of the page. Every retweet, share, and comment counts, so please do whatever you can to support the show and ensure that there will be a second season.

And watch my column Through The Benz at for my upcoming interview with Jen Richards!



  1. dawn

    I am a CIswoman and we have been going thru this for centuries! Truly! They even make fun of us for reporting things. I believe now that men have put themselves in our shoes, they are beginning to realize how wrong it is. I am not blind to the horror of transgender issues but this is not new, it’s only new to women who have previously lived as men. It is wrong and the basic principle is treat others as you want to be treated!! Do not judge others by their skin, but by the inside, and learn how to empathize with others! The world would be a much better place!! I would like to add that I fear for those whot are in these situations and pray for them to find a life happy and alone, rather than settle for such a life!

    1. Becca Benz

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment Dawn. I couldn’t agree more that the world would be a better place if people would be more accepting and less judgmental. We’re all people and we should be accepted for who we are on the inside. I think we’ve all been doing a lot of praying lately given the state o the world these days.

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