A Special Thank You To All My Twitter Followers


Becca Benz reaches 10K followers on Twitter!I am astounded and beyond humbled to have reached 10,000 followers on Twitter. I want to personally give a big thank you to each and every one of you for following me and for all the love and support you have given me over the past year and a half. It’s been quite an amazing journey and I’m so happy that you all have been part of it with me.

I had known about Twitter but it was not something I had any interest in until I needed to be on social media to promote my new career in porn. So I created an account In October of 2014 and had absolutely no idea how it worked or who to follow, so I just followed a few stores and fashion magazines because they were suggested by Twitter. I patiently waited for someone, anyone, to follow me, but nothing.

I had done my shoot the month before with Radius Dark and I will always be grateful to him for his unending patience in answering the many questions I asked, and if I recall correctly he was my very first follower, and that sort of got things rolling. He told me to follow pornstars and people in the industry like everyone at Grooby, and that helped a lot. I started getting a few followers and feeling less anxious and worried that I would never build up any size following.

And then are were people who friended me and played a huge role in getting me followers by promoting me and more importantly giving me encouragement. I generally avoid naming specific people because I don’t want to accidently forget someone, but in this case I’m going to make an exception. A special thank you to Andy who believed in me from the start when I was doubting myself, to David for being so sweet and getting my name and pictures out to his many followers, to Jason for his unfailing support and being such a gentleman, and to Rob for always being there to listen and help me through the rough times.

So I began to get followers and learned a lot about social media and what an important role it plays in promoting yourself and moving your career forward. And I asked a lot of questions and was fortunate to have a lot of friends who were willing to share their time and experiences with me. I learned the strategies of when to post, what to post about, favoriting and retweeting, and tweeting about people and events to gain exposure for yourself.

I remember reaching my first hundred followers and how exciting that was, and then reaching my first thousand, and how cool that was. I learned the hard way not to be too quick to post about reaching a certain number of followers because there were a few times when I lost followers and would fall below the milestone, only to have to wait to reach it again, which was especially bas because I would post special pictures when I reached milestones.

And yes, I got a bit compulsive about keeping track of how many followers I had, and stressing out when I’d lose followers, but I’m not quite as bad about that now. lol And I always thought it was odd that I usually gained quite a few followers at night while I was sleeping, but it was always nice to wake up to see how many new followers I had. And I will admit I’ve been closely watching the number of followers I have as I got closer to 10,000, and when I was at 9,999 Saturday night I kept waiting to get that one last follow to reach 10K, and when it happened I had a pretty big smile. It’s a neat feeling to have reached such a big milestone. I keep looking at my profile just to see that number – 10K!

It’s been quite an eventful journey. I had someone impersonate me, which while annoying was also kind of flattering. It was always so exciting when my tweets would get favorited or retweeted by someone important like Steven Grooby or a big name pornstar. I’ve had a tweet favorited by Lavern Cox which was pretty cool. And to have The Abbey tweet about me was also a thrill.

Through Twitter I’ve been able to do my little part to make a positive impact in the causes I care about such as helping get animals adopted from shelters before they are put down, and to be a positive voice for the trans community, and to be a good ambassador for the porn industry.

But the one thing I’ve gotten from social media which means the most to me is the opportunity to connect with so many people and all the friendships which have developed. I have gotten to know some truly wonderful people online who have come to mean a great deal to me. To all of my friends, I say thank you for your friendship and for making my world a better place.

So I guess my next big goal is 15K!


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