Reflections On Glenn Frey and The Eagles


The Eagles music has been a part of who I am for pretty much my entire life. As a kid I grew up listening to their songs on the radio all the time, and learning who they were and about the group. They were the first group that I really got into and wanted to hear more of their music. I still remember going to the music store and coming home with a bag full of new cassette tapes that I couldn’t wait to listen to, feeling like it was Christmas and that I was about to get to unwrap my presents.

Remembering when Hotel California was such a huge hit, and having a bit of a crush on those scruffy haired guys who were living a dream. The infamous squabbles among the band, and then the breakup which left everyone in disbelief that this amazing group could possibly disband and the music would stop. Then the excitement of the reunion and the anticipation of the Hell Freezes Over album and tour, knowing that once again they would be working together to create more magic.

One of the memories I’ll always treasure was going to see the Eagles in concert with my sons. Since I listened to so much classic rock they learned to appreciate it as much as I did, so when the Eagles came to town they were just as excited as I was. It was pretty cool to be able to share something which had been a part of my life for so long with my sons, and that was a special night none of us will ever forget.

Glenn Frey of the EaglesAnd now Glenn Frey is gone, which is hard to grasp. In my mind the Eagles will always the young guys with long hair wearing old jeans and t-shirts. It was hard enough later on accepting that they were middle-aged guys looking a bit older and wearing expensive suits. But to realize they are now old, just like I am, and that they won’t be around forever, is a bit of a reality check. His loss really hurts.

While his memories and the music he helped create will always be with us, it just won’t be the same. The Eagles and the music won’t ever be the same. Life goes on, but it will be a while before I’ll be able to listen to their music without a twinge of sadness, and without shedding a tear or two.

Rest in peace Glenn, you will be missed.


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  1. stacipennel

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