The beauty of nature as seen through the camera lens of Becca Benz


Caterpillar picture by Becca Benz! Dragonfly picture by Becca Benz!

I created this blog not only to write, but to have a place where I could post the pictures I’d taken. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I much prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it. I’ve taken a lot of pictures over the course of my lifetime but never really had anyplace to display them, until now! So I present to you, the collected works of Becca Benz!

Butterfly picture by Becca Benz! Butterfly picture by Becca Benz!

Butterflies have a special significance to me, so when I spotted this one I was really excited as I crept forward trying to get a good angle without scaring it off. I was usually pretty stealthy and able to get up close to get some good pictures. I could not have asked for better lighting, or for better colors, with the bright orange of the butterfly next to the purple of the flower. I was a happy camper when I got this pictures and saw how well they turned out! And very grateful that the butterfly decided to cooperate.

Butterfly picture by Becca Benz! Bug picture by Becca Benz!

It’s pretty amazing what you’ll see once you really stop and look at what’s around you. The sheer number and variety of bugs I saw was astounding!

Bee picture by Becca Benz! Butterfly picture by Becca Benz!

I was never a big fan of bees until we started growing a garden and realized that if we wanted our garden to do well we needed these little guys to pollinate the plants, and from then on I was always happy to see them.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be posting more pictures of various things, mostly taken outdoors. Everything from snow and leaves and tree bark to rocks and even rusted barbed wire. You never know what you’ll see if you slow down and really start looking at things. There is no magic skill needed for most forms of art, it’s mostly about just looking and seeing. And good light!



  1. Rachel

    My god Becca, your photography of beauty in nature is parallel to your own beauty! Those are absolutely stunning photos. <3

    1. Becca Benz

      Thank you Rachel! Getting comments about the pictures I take means so much more than when I get a comment on how I look. I feel like the pictures I take are more a part of who I am on the inside.

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