Relaunch of the new and improved beccabenz.com!


Welcome to my new and improved website! I’ve had this domain for a while and had a blog using a different web-hosting service, but I didn’t like the format and limited options it had and the blog was dormant for a while. But after several weeks of working to get the domain transferred and several days of designing the site and getting the bugs worked out, I’m excited to relaunch my new blog here on WordPress!

This is how I originally envisioned the blog and I’m so excited to finally be able to move forward and get back to writing and to have a place where I can share the pictures I’ve taken. And I’ve taken a lot of pictures over the years, so be prepared!

This blog is my baby and is going to be a project I look forward to spending a lot of time on. I’m not worried about how many views I get or anything like that, this is for me to be able to express myself and share things which are important to me. Writing has always been something which I enjoy, and it helps me keep my sanity to be able to write and express my thoughts and feelings. And heaven knows I need all the help I can get maintaining what’s left of my sanity! lol

So thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read this, and I hope you’ll come back again!




  1. Lakitycat

    Girl, your beautiful as are stunning. Hoping all its quill in L.A.as its traffic being more friendly towards the goddess material, for which I know you to be 🙂

    1. Becca Benz

      Thank you for the sweet comment Kity! And yes, I’m getting more comfortable navigating my way through the maze of freeways and I’m able to get where I need to go! Progress! lol Hope you’re doing well 🙂

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